Sunday School 9:30

-Nursery care
-Children's Classes
-Youth Classes
-Adult Classes
-Intergenerational Class

Church Service 10:30

–Member participation
–Welcoming greeters
–Pre-Worship Music
–Nursery available
–Congregational singing -Special music
–Expository sermons


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Sonnenberg Mennonite History

The Mennonite Church is an evangelical denomination holding to fundamental doctrines of the Christian Church.  Mennonites and related groups have a worldwide membership of approximately 800,000 located in 57 countries.  They had their origin in Switzerland in 1525 as part of the Reformation movement.  Known as Anabaptists, they emphasized adult believer's baptism, separation of church and state, and a life of Christian discipleship based on Jesus' teachings of love and nonviolence.  The name "Mennonite" is derived from Menno Simons, an early Dutch leader who gave direction to the church for 25 years.  Mennonites were a religiously oppressed people who sought a place of religious freedom in the New World.  They first settled in eastern Pennsylvania in 1693 and later settled in Ohio and westward as the country expanded.

Sonnenberg Mennonite Church began when four families from Switzerland came to this community in 1819 seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity.  With the arrival of a larger number of Mennonites in 1821, congregational life developed.  They met in homes until 1834.  The first meeting house, a log structure, served also as a school house.  A second building was erected in 1861, and a third meeting house was constructed in 1907.  The new 1989 facility is combined with the Fellowship Hall which was originally built as a church school.

Sonnenberg was the first congregation of Swiss Mennonites in the area.  Three other local churches (Salem, Kidron and Bethel) have roots at Sonnenberg.  Ministerial leadership came from within the congregation until 1952.  Sunday School, first begun in 1886, has been the core of the congregation's Christian education program.  The nurture of children and youth is of great importance to the church.  The congregation has a long history of strong acappella singing in its services.

Sonnenberg is currently associated with Mennonite Church USA and has been a member of the Ohio Conference of the Mennonite Church since 1977.  The congregation has 257 members.

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